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Is a small island located just off the coast of Southampton New York. Brothers Billy and Tripper and their new friends from the Dough Tribe spend their days baking cookies, fighting off pirates and having as much fun as possible. There are three areas of Cookie Island to explore: shopping, adventures and cookiehead village.

If you need to send your favorite Cookiehead a munching treat of fresh homemade cookies, packed in totally cool wooden gift boxes, grab your credit card and surf over to our Cookie Island's shopping area.

If you're in Manhattan, visit our Mainland Store at 189 Broadway.

Come travel back in time to 17th century Deventer, Holland to help Dirk and Boo invent the world's first cookie. Or race through the back channels of Southampton with Billy and Tripper as the Bay Constable tries to catch them playing hooky. Come compete to win free cookies and have fun. So grab your surf board and get ready for an adventure.

Cookie Head Village
Our village is a place where Cookieheads from around the world can come and meet each other, learn about the coolest new extreme sports or learn the newest recipe for killer chocolate chip cookies. Cookieheads Rule!!

For all Cookieheads in desperate need of a cookie, don't worry! "Cookie Island" is ready to export to you cookies overnight anywhere in the world. Just surf to our shopping area or call us at 1-888-Cookieisland to place your order.

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Welcome to Cookie Island


189 Broadway (Cortlandt & Dey)
On the west side of Broadway across from the Nassau and Fulton Street Subway Stops